Louis Grell Foundation

"Showcasing the Legacy of Artist Louis Frederick Grell"

watch the Louis Frederick Grell video here

We invite you to explore the fascinating career of Louis Frederick Grell by supporting the Louis Grell Foundation, which is ran by the Grell family.  We are in need of financial support to continue our research on his fascinating career and to showcase the legacy of and “collect, archive, preserve, exhibit and educate the public regarding the works of Louis Frederick Grell (1887-1960).”  A 501c(3) corporation.

Please help us by making a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit foundation at POB 19165, Panama City Beach, FL 32417 or call Richard Grell at 850-960-0350.

For inquiries about setting up exhibitions of Louis Grell’s artwork, please contact Richard Grell at 850-960-0350 or Richard@LouisGrell.com